We've finally got our Pool Table!

We've finally got our Pool Table!

23 Mar 16:00 by David Lawrence


After weeks and weeks of delays and promises of our Pool Table being delivered (who knew that an inch of snow could cause a 4 week delay!), today we finally took delivery of our beloved pool table to partially fill the empty void at the end of the office!

Safe to say it's been a hige hit today but perhaps the standard of some of the pool on show from some of the players this afternoon isn’t quite ready for a televised event just yet!

There is one ‘shark’ amongst the ranks who’s record stands at 5-0 but I’ll let everyone work out who that person is.  If you’re up for the challenge and want to be part of our fun, dynamic and driven team, we’re looking for at least on more recruitment consultant to join us. You can take a look at our careers page here or call us on 02039078462 for a chat