Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

Amicus Recruitment love to receive testimonials from the people that we strive to help secure their dream job. Here are a few recent examples of people that we have recently helped:

Daniel - Python Engineer :-

"My experience with Amicus Recruitment has all been through my communication with Jordan Hayward and I can say that it could not have been any better. Jordan was fantastic. The thing that made the biggest impression on me compared to other recruiters was that he let me do things at my own pace. He wasn't being annoying with constant calls and messages and he understood that if I say no to something - I mean no. It really seemed like he cared that I get the right job and not just any job, which I really appreciated. I also think that he really understood the things that I value in a job - some recruiters always talk about money but that was not the main thing for me. Jordan was explaining everything clearly, he helped me through all stages of all interviews, was always there when I needed him and then finally helped me secure a job. By far the best recruiter that I've dealt with so far, and I've dealt with a lot!"

Ravin - Front End Developer :-

"I had a great experience having Amicus represent me to find a Frontend Engineer role. Jamie was very supportive and focused on the job to find me a role that fits my skill set perfectly and a company that I would be comfortable working in. Thanks Jamie!"

Denisa - Senior JavaScript Developer :-

"Jamie was amazing in helping me find my current position. He's given me pointers prior to the interview, called to ensure everything was all right after, made sure I received an offer on the day, negotiated the salary on my behalf as well as made sure the contracts have been signed and I'm ready to start my new employment. Moreover, since starting my employment, he's followed up to make sure all is well and I am happy with my choice. Jamie really made the process of changing jobs much easier for me! I am looking forward to work with him in the future."

Hady - Golang Team Lead :-

"Jake and I crossed paths when I was looking for an interesting role that's a little unique and he had just the right company for that. So, let me tell you the story of a really good recruiter, you don't appreciate one until you run into one yourself. Jake worked with me as a career partner as much as he did with the company as a recruitment partner. He mediated, followed up, made sure my interests are kept and was ready to do what's necessary to guarantee the success of the process."

Andrei - Python Developer :-

"I had the pleasure of working with Jordan while I was searching for my new role as a Python Engineer. Throughout the process Jordan was very supportive, constantly updating me and passing along any information that might help me during the interview process. Even after I got the job he still reached out and made sure everything is okay.

All in all, I admire Jordan's professionalism and attention to detail and would recommend him to anyone in search of a Python role."

Ali - Software Developer :-

"I was lucky to be talking to Jake O'Regan. Such an amazing recruiter, had me prepared for every interview I went through. Always kept me in the loop and updated me with what was going on. Very responsive and good at what he does. Thanks again Jake!"

Syed - Senior Software Developer :- 

"Excellent Recruitment company, professional in their approach whilst open and honest in their communication. David has been exceptional all throughout, I have no concerns in promoting his services to people in need of work but also to employers as his level of service and consideration is second to none."

Alexandru - Senior Python Developer :-

"Really great experience with Jordan; he identified roles based on my requirements and followed up throughout the process with the companies. I could count on his advice preparing for the next steps in the recruitment process, and also for taking on the challenging step which is negotiation. I'm really satisfied with our collaboration, and having received two strong offers through the same recruiter in the space of a couple of weeks says a lot about his professionalism

Max - Front End Developer :-

"This was my first experience working with Amicus Recruitment, and it was fantastic. The 2 roles you guys passed on to me were perfect fits, very much appreciated!"

Bina - Full Stack Developer :-

"Overall my experience with Amicus Recruitment was really good. I felt I was very welcomed, and they really respected my decision. Jake was professional, friendly and very helpful throughout the process. All my questions were answered and was receiving feedback in a timely manner. Thank you so much for representing me as a candidate and to help me to secure position."

Alex - Front End Developer :-

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Shaun Connor. As a recruiter he maintained a highly professional demeanour and was so supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. Shaun was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. He found me the perfect job instantly and had such a positive experience throughout the process. I could not recommend Shaun more highly. Thank you!"

Salih – Full Stack Developer :-

"I been in contact with Sam for about a month at the end of 2020. He is an amazing bloke to work with. Honest and personable individual, who doesn't like to pressure you into a rush decision because he clearly wants the best for his candidates. I appreciate how he gave me tips about workplaces, current popular tech, future career paths, and general industry advice from his viewpoint."