Contract Services


Recruitment comes in all shapes and sizes and one solution doesn’t suit every business. Our range of contract services are designed to give you the flexibility to work in the way that you want to, to deliver results and the best quality of service, every single time. We work with you to help understand which solution is the right one for you.


Consult is our partnership service for organisations who require higher volumes of contract resource to deliver software projects and products. We will work with you to understand resource levels needed, look at market rates for the skills and individuals required.  We will then sit down with you to create a bespoke project cost and work out the most financially viable approach to delivering the work you have to the time scales and budgets agreed. You will benefit from all the perks of the Precision service, whilst having a more hands on and consultative relationship with us. We will be here to react and reassess to new demand spikes in your projects and have a team ready to deliver your needs, at pace and precision.


Precision is exactly what it says on the tin. With our precision service, we are committing to you that we will pull out all the stops to ensure we deliver the highest calibre of candidates whether they are currently on the market or not. By selecting our Precision service, our specialist team will dedicate 100% of their time to finding the candidates that can rarely be found. Working alongside your dedicated account manager, we use the very latest video technology, to streamline your recruitment process. We also absorb costs of reference checking, DBS and other security checks to make sure you have a hassle free on-boarding and continued experience with us. If you are looking to engage just one agency to keep your process sleek, why not try our Precision service? You will be glad you did.


Working as part of your preferred agency list, we give you access to our database, jobs-boards, social media and CV alerts to find you talented individuals at pace, minimising downtime and maximising your output. Professional, reliable contract resource, in half the time!