Python Live - An Introduction to Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)

Python Live - An Introduction to Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)

28 May 17:00 by David Lawrence


Python Live is a series of live events designed to continue our vision of connecting the tech community and driving exposure & learning to Python & Machine Learning professionals. We believe that by bringing successful people together we can add value to tech professionals who want to develop their own skillset and for tech leaders who want to help develop their own teams.

THURSDAY 11th JUNE @ 6:30pm

Jordan Hayward will be hosting a live Q & A alongside one of the UK’s most successful Machine Learning experts. So, if you are looking to learn the basic theory of Graph Neural Networks and learn examples of applications where GNNS thrive, then this webinar is for you.

Guest Speakers

Konstantinos (Kostas) Perifanos – Director, Machine Learning

Covering :

- The basic theory of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) – (20mins)
- Examples and applications in Natural Language Processing using PyTorch (20 mins)

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